a badass place for badass people, and this is how it works:
wanna buy a t-shirt? simple. head on over to shop. why overcomplicate things? white tee. black stitching. made for you, by me, as you order them. no nameless, faceless corporations. no 'out of stock' notifications. not just another order for the same, generic, mass-produced, identical clone t-shirt.  every one unique. every one sewn just for you. your name being cursed loudly to hell every time i prick my finger.  don't see what you want? get in touch. chances are i'll make it for you. 
not sure what we're about? don't worry, i've had a nice long ramble about it. give it a read, i've been told it's good. 
all clubs have rules. ours are simple, obvious, and found here
as a general rule, i don't like blogs. but, unfortunately, i more often than not resemble that girl with the rainbows/smiles cake who 'just has a lot of feelings' in mean girls. so i need to get them out somehow. i direct you, therefore, to my not-blog. i hope you like all-inclusive sassy commentary on social issues because that's kinda my thing... 
for everything else, just say hello.