club rules

equality is equality. exclusive equality is not equality. everyone is welcome. 

the rules are simple, obvious, and as follows:

1. bigots need not apply

2. have some chill

3. putting other people down will not make you better

4. no human being is superior 

5. gender is a social construct 

6. not understanding something does not make your alternate opinion true

7. misinterpretation of feminism will not be tolerated - it means equality. end of.

8. radical self-love is highly encouraged

9. call people by their preferred pronouns - no questions asked

10. 'gay' is not a word to describe something bad/stupid/annoying - nor an insult in any way

11. do no harm. take no shit

12. have empathy. it's hard, but try even harder. always

13. misandry is just as damaging as misogyny

14. nobody has the right to define a 'real' woman

15. 'equalism' is not what feminism 'should be called'. 'equalism' is not a thing

16. be nice to vegans

17. rape is never a result of anything other than the rapist deciding to rape

18. slut-shaming has no place in our society 

19. body-shaming is for the jealous, the spiteful, and the insecure

20. oneupmanship is not necessary, nor welcome. it isn't a competition. we're on the same side

21. blaming the girl when your boyfriend cheats is internalised, brainwashed misogyny 

22. 'you all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. it just makes it ok for guys to call you sluts and whores'

23. sex doesn't define personality. sex doesn't define behaviour. sex doesn't doesn't even define gender. 

24. if the actions of another person don't directly affect you, your opinion isn't necessary and doesn't matter 

25. don't be a dick