the vaccinated tee
the vaccinated tee
the vaccinated tee
the vaccinated tee

the vaccinated tee

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guarantee christmas delivery deadline was 01/12/21. I will continue to process & dispatch orders placed after this date, but they cannot be guaranteed in time for christmas

fuck u andrew wakefield!

  • note re: covid-19: this t-shirt was designed a few years ago, as an irreverent response to those who are anti-vax as a result of the link andrew wakefield falsified between vaccines & autism. the tee was discontinued when covid struck, because it seemed in poor taste to discuss vaccines when there wasn't one available to the hundreds of thousands who desperately needed it. in light of the vaccine now being available, I have received an endless stream of messages asking for this to be restocked in order to promote/celebrate getting vaccinated. I thought long & hard about doing so, but have decided to restock them on the basis that a portion of the sales will be donated to local charities that helped people survive during the pandemic. once costs are covered, I'll donate at least 50% of the profits. god bless vaccines x 
  • printed by a small local business in glasgow, uk
  • available on either white or pink tees
  • available in loose or fitted style
  • loose style: sizes S to 5XL
  • fitted style: sizes XS to 3XL
  • white tee pictured is a SMALL FITTED, pink tee pictured is a 3XL LOOSE
  • PLEASE NOTE: due to supplier limitations, 4XL and 5XL are only available in loose white
  • t-shirts ethically sourced and produced under safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacture guidelines
  • made from 100% cotton for sustainable manufacture
  • do not tumble dry, do not iron on decoration 
  • sizing guide here
  • MADE TO ORDER: in order to contribute as little as possible to waste & landfill, these products are all printed *after* being ordered by someone, so as to ensure that they are not being wastefully produced. this means that the turnaround time for orders is generally around 2-3 weeks. all items are printed locally by a 2-person team, and then hand-finished, wrapped, and shipped by one person. grlclb is the opposite of amazon. please bear this in mind before ordering