pay it forward

pay it forward

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it's always been the goal to make GRLCLB as accessible as possible. there's no point in doing something with lofty intentions if it's only available to people with enough money to be a part of it. that's why we're introducing the pay it forward scheme.

  • you can choose from £1, £5, or £10 to add onto your order
  • you contribute what you can, and I take no profit from the sale - and together we're making another item cheaper for someone else
  • £1 covers a few badges and stickers
  • £5 covers a tote bag
  • £10 covers a tshirt
  • every time someone pays it forward, I'll add another item to the PIF page at a lower price
  • as a thank you for paying it forward, you'll receive a small token of my appreciation
  • if you pay forward £1, you'll get a free badge or sticker
  • if you pay forward £5, you'll get both 
  • if you pay forward £10, you'll get your wee freebies and an email containing a discount code for next time