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February 21, 2017 Roobs Leiser

you know that thing with colds? how you can never remember how bad it is when you don’t have one? 
well, you’d think that I’d have remembered - after the last time i did an open call on instagram (a giveaway) - the legit internal distress the selection process caused me. i cried a lot. this, of course, was conveniently absent from the periphery of my conscious memory when i decided to ask for people to put themselves forward for my debut lookbook photoshoot.
i’m gonna level with you - i literally only need 3 people. 4 at most. and i got a LOT of emails.
so, again, i cried. and my stomach twisted itself up into the little knot that i’ve come to know so well. and my boyfriend, the wonderful talented industry-experienced photographer, said ‘i know it’s hard, but that’s just how it is’. and for approximately 14 seconds i accepted this. and then i didn’t. 
i can’t sit here and preach about revolution and change and making a difference, if i keep doing everything the same as everyone else has always done it. by picking the prettiest, coolest girls. i know what it feels like to be neither of those things, and i never want GRLCLB to be an extension of an industry that has only ever succeeded in bringing girls, who aren’t of a select ‘look’, down. 
so here’s what i’m going to do.
i’ll do the lookbook. i’ll pick 3/4 girls and shoot it. because that’s what clothing brands do in order to launch/market a new collection. and instagram comments/likes don’t pay rent. logistically it’s the only viable option. i don’t have at my disposal a massive team on-hand to do the hair/makeup/styling of all the people who got in touch wanting to be a part of this. i don’t have a location big enough to hold everyone. i don’t have enough pieces to be worn by everyone. it isn’t practical, or even possible. 
but what i can do is turn this into something else entirely. what i can do is realise that GRLCLB is more than campaign shoots and lookbooks and current seasons. GRLCLB is all of you. it is all the people who WANT to be a part of it. it’s belonging to a community of actual people who believe in the same values that you do. so i give to you my idea: the GRLCLB portrait series.
every single one of you who wants to be involved, you’re automatically in. that’s the extent of the requirements. i’ll pick a day, maybe in a couple of months or so, and all of you can turn up. and all of you will get a portrait taken in a GRLCLB t-shirt by my wonderfully talented photographer (read: is completely out of my quality league and is only contractually obliged to do this because he is my bf & loves me & thinks my work is great). and these pictures will make up the website’s newest addition - a gallery dedicated to *the* GRLCLB. because that’s what every single one of you is. you’re my club. you’re my people. and i want you all. 
i wanted a lookbook, and i’ve ended up with something else entirely. but something that is so much more GRLCLB than i realised was necessary. now i don’t have to pick and choose, i don’t have to disappoint, i don’t have to critique. i don’t have to abide by standards that i don’t believe in. i don’t have to conform to rules set out by a society that thinks you’re worth something less if your face isn’t symmetrical. not in my club. BYE.


  • Cheyne Wooderson

    Feb 22, 2017


  • Tess

    Feb 21, 2017

    Girl, you are a badass bitch and people love you and what you stand for more than you know. ???

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