one small order for roobs, one big milestone for grlclb

got my 100th order through over the weekend.

people have a bizarre, and quite sad, tendency to be cagey about things that could possibly enable others to put a marker on their success. 'you've had 100 orders, at £12.50 a t-shirt that must mean...' etc etc etc. so we talk in vague, fuzzy terms. 'been so busy lately!', 'can't believe how popular these have been'. terrified that someone sitting somewhere will think to themselves that what you're doing isn't as good as what they're doing - or what they could do if they actually were ever brave enough to try it.

the people that feel vulnerable to this unknown anonymous criticism are the ones who haven't learned that comparison is no measure of personal worth or progress or importance.

100 orders, probably about 200 t-shirts. 100 little packages of handmade girl power to just about every corner of the earth - from new zealand, to the states, to europe, to 5 minutes down the road from me.

i cannot thank you all enough for your orders, your appreciation, your thanks, and your patience. i'm getting through everything as quickly as i can possibly can - if you've ordered something it'll be on its way to you by the end of the week.

i've had a tough few days - readjusting to being on my own all the time, and missing the michael to my dwight. been sewing in my room til 3am most nights, lonely & a bit stir crazy, but getting to absolutely blitz these orders & become addicted to luther has been a lovely reminder that this is my life now. and i'm doing it on my own terms. and i'm loving every second of it. 

thank you, as always, to everyone who's making it possible for me to live out my ridiculous girl gang dreams. i love you all xoxoxox

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