foodbanks 101

last year in the uk, the trussell trust provided food supplies for 1.6 million people. more than 14 million people in the uk are living in poverty. foodbanks provide emergency supplies for a minimum of 3 days' worth of nutritionally-balanced food to people who have been referred in crisis. 

most foodbanks in the uk work on referral basis. people are referred by professionals, which entitles them to supplies from the foodbank. foodbanks are stocked by donations - either money for the service staff to buy food, or food itself. 

most supermarkets now have foodbank collection stations after the checkouts. popping an extra can or two, or some pasta, into your basket every time you shop can make a massive difference.

although foodbanks will require different things at different times, there is a recognised guideline for what should be contained within a food packet and, therefore, what is a useful donation at any time.

you can find your local foodbank here

tomorrow, i'll be posting the first in a series of shopping lists, created specifically to fulfil a food parcel, for each of the big supermarkets. 

be kind, be compassionate, and fuck the tories.


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