#grlclbDAAM day 7 - sexual abuse & coercion

sexual abuse & coercion can be a complex issue - especially given that there are those who believe sex is expected and even mandatory in a romantic relationship. this, of course, erases the experience of many people for whom sex is not a necessary or enjoyable thing. even within the realm of people who enjoy sex with their partner, there are times when this becomes abuse. 
some behaviours associated with sexual abuse & coercion are as follows:
  • pressuring you into having sex
  • pressuring you into sexual acts that you’re uncomfortable with
  • making you feel guilty about not having sex
  • making you feel like you owe them sex
  • using threats or force to coerce you into having sex
  • forcing you to watch porn
  • threatening to share private photos/videos of you on the internet or to your family/friends
  • refusing to accept your unwillingness to have sex
  • involving other people in your sexual activity without your consent
  • hurting you during sex without your consent
  • belittling you in a sexual way - calling you a whore, slut etc
  • refusing to use protection
  • controlling or preventing your own use of contraception
many victims of sexual abuse or coercion are unaware that they are being abused, and many take as read that that’s what happens in a healthy relationship. if you recognise any of the behaviours from the list above, and are being controlled/forced in any aspect of your sexual health please understand that this is not normal, or ok. 
you can call the scottish women’s aid helpline on 0800 027 1234 or the national women’s aid helpline on 0808 2000 247.
see you tomorrow.

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