#grlclbDAAM day 12 - NOTYRSBYE

oh hey, you know medusa? famous evil horrible medusa? snakes for hair? a gaze that would turn you to stone? yeah classic. d’you know the origins of the myth?
now the story changed over the years but it’s generally accepted medusa was the only mortal of 3 sisters. the gorgons. she was a really beautiful young ~maiden~. so beautiful that she caught the gaze of big powerful sea god poseidon. and he obvs proceeded to be the prototype douchebag and channel that attraction into raping her in the sacred temple of athena. athena was, as you might expect, raging about this. oh wait, sorry, did you think i meant raging at poseidon for raping poor medusa? nah, nah. she punished medusa for it. OBVIOUSLY. turned her into a horrible monster. for having the audacity to be a rape victim. 
society has the power to make anyone the bad guy. more often than not, it’s the victim that gets this patriarchal treatment. so let’s make this clear:
victims are not at fault.
i’m sick of feeling like my life exists on eggshells in case i disturb the sanctity of my abuser’s happily ever after. fuck you. abuse has trapped my mind and my body and my identity and my spirit. but my mouth is now free. and the rest will follow.
you think this pouring out of my soul is ugly? is embarrassing? is pathetic? you have not begun to see the monster i can become. i’ll destroy you.

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